the edges of myself

words, words, words

timelessness emerges existing next to you. a span of hours, days– one tender moment folded into lifetimesĀ spent chasing shadows and resurrecting structures.   mapping this careful framework entrusted to none but ourselves.   the understated pageantry of a lifeĀ unfolding small moments witnessed– all access granted to the one whose willingness to engage is unsurpassed.   …

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this perfectly arcing circle roots stretching down infinitely long through layers inpenatrable by all but our love   its perfectly arcing circle carving through time and space existing within and without beyond any parameters previously set   your perfectly arcing circle exponentially expanding encapsulating continents– entire planets engulfed in a love unencumbered   my perfectly …

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constantly one step ahead as well as behind– autumn’s leaves falling as new buds burst forth. your quiet, stalwart function, a sensitive, keenly logical beacon well-thought-out and practical– constantly teaching temperance though not without responsiveness and honesty. clear and direct, cutting, brutal and endlessly open.