the edges of myself

words, words, words

My last 24 hours encompassed a journey that included four airplanes, a motorized rickshaw, a large wooden boat and of course my incredibly strong and healthy legs (don’t know what I’d do with out them). And now I find myself surrounded by the sounds of the Peruvian jungle under a breathtaking canopy of stars, far from anything that I might call familiar. Though I feel perfectly at home. 

The last time I embarked upon a journey of this magnitude was 20 years ago. I was about nine months post college graduation and had made the decision to move out to the west coast from suburban Maryland where I grew up. I packed everything of value to my little red mazda 323 that my brother had just traded me for my bike. (I think I came out at the better end of that transaction). 

Saying goodbye to my father was gut-wrenching. We stood out in our driveway and I remember holding onto him as if my life depended on it– wanting to slow down time and live in that moment forever. Fear, excitement and sadness spilled over into tears and he finally said– “go on, get out of here.” So I hopped into my little red car and drove away, never looking back. I was 22 years old then. Now I’m 42. 

At 22 I was leaving behind all that i knew; my family, my foundation. At 42 I’m doing the same (though this time it’s for two weeks as opposed to forever.) But what I realize is that my foundation followed me then just as it follows me now. The roots I have established and built upon reach far and wide and have nothing do do with geography. Wherever I go they stretch beneath me and connect me to all that I know and love. 

I have come to the jungle of Peru to journey deep inside of myself and do the healing work that will help fortify me and my entire foundation. I am well aware of the ripple effect of energy work and I know that as I get clearer I help all of those connected to me find more clarity as well. I am ready to dive deep and pull my super powers out from my depths and give them some sunshine and fresh air.

Because superpowers deserve both.

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