the edges of myself

words, words, words

poetry because it needs to be

because my heart is already

dangling so far out of my chest–

does it really have to have

a spotlight and soundtrack to go with it?


for my own preservation of

expression– i find word weaving

with rhyme and rhythm allows

the story to spill forth as an

impression– keeps the edges from hardening.


have you heard the one about the

girl who was enveloped by

your immensity?

No– me neither– totally new to me.

or the same one about how when she

was enveloped– how she(i) was enveloping

at the same time– and it was

this really remarkable thing– because

I had never experienced it before and

didn’t actually know it was possible?


Yeah, I just heard that one for the first time too.

true story.

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