the edges of myself

words, words, words

just two young babes when first

our voices met

seeking out the harmony amidst

a sea of melody.

Immediately we fell as only children

can– making promises and plans

far beyond our capacities.

As the years unravelled, we held tightly,

clinging to the familiarity– a warm

soothing blanket– the gentle knowing

unlike any other.

We grew alongside each other

constantly accompanied by our perfectly

matched pitches.

My fear, insecurity, self-doubt mingled

with your judgement and superiority

created our intimate isolation– a

fortress which none other could enter–

eventually toppled by impulsiveness and

the truth.

that we had reconfigured– our love

stretched thin– like ties of kinship.

You watched and cried as i stumbled

forward– chaotically– fumbling for a

family and someone to take care.

stepping back, reserving judgement, allowing

me to melt into another

skillfully, as my perfectly-practiced co-dependence


Years moved forward and i began to draw back–

closing off, leaving behind my laughter and song.

Your proximity making perfect sense– unfathomably right.

Our worlds revolved in relation to each other–

until mine relocated.

Waking up several years later, amidst

the greenery and surrounded by love, there

are moments when you are the only person who

comes to mind–

when i’m overcome by music.

You, whose perfectly nuanced voice carried mine

along for years, the rise and fall, eb and flow.

Though our voices no longer seek each other,

they will forever harmonize.

And despite our disparate paths,

the connection between our hearts is one

that will stretch

across the years and miles–


One thought on “poem 12 for christopher shane

  1. Chris Sanborn says:

    Love this.

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