the edges of myself

words, words, words

i love it when you call me baby


it breaks my heart wide open and

spills it on the ground and wraps me

up in an understanding that needs

nothing more than your silent smile

and gentle, responsive hands


i love it when behind your eyes i see

the sparkle of your boy– his joy

and wonder at the world shining

brightness on butterflies and squirrels

cascading treetops and rolling ant hills


i love it when your words surprise me

and reveal a depth of feeling

i could only hope existed

and the pathway through the labyrinth

illuminates from my door to yours


i love it when a fallen snow of

blossoms carpets the ground beneath

our feet and i marvel at the

beauty of life, its fragile cycle

continuously renewing


i love it when the whisper of the moon

shrouded behind the clouds reveals her

gentle beauty to our searching eyes

her understated power a beacon

along this ever-unfolding path


i love it when you call me baby.

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