the edges of myself

words, words, words

my brain has settled down now–

reconfigured– assimilated the new

information.  i’m coming back

online– and the good news is:

i’m bigger and better than ever.


the new programming seems to be free of

glitches– and i’m feeling more at

ease than ever before.  My mind

is lucid– my perspective vast.  And

temperance is the card of the day.


I will endeavor to restrain the child

inside me who longs to leap forth

and knock you over with my voracity

and zeal for life.  i will consciously

refrain from overwhelming or overpowering,

or do the best i can (what more could i

possibly ask of myself?)


You are an angel– with your clarity

and communication.  Your words

are always perfect– even if you

don’t know from whence they come.  Their

power hits me in a place that is deeper

than articulation.  somewhere in my

inmost center, where consciousness struggles

to go– but a much larger understanding exists.


And i know the path ahead of us is long–

and winding– and it’s the most precious

and beautiful path i’ve ever conceived–

and it’s continually out of my grasp– beyond

imagination.  It insists that i stop looking

forward and start looking around at what is

right next to me– surrounding me

now and now and now and now.


my brain has settled down now–

reconfigured– assimilated the new

information.  i’m coming back

online– and the good news is:

i’m bigger and better than ever.

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