the edges of myself

words, words, words

i can say the same thing over and over again

with new words– articulate the feelings, rosequartz

ever expanding– and celebrate the joy

that flows through and around my heart

like hot springs, beginning internally

and working their way out to the edges–

creating a warmth, a safety, that cannot

be duplicated.


i am vast, un-partnered, free, joyful–

and i have your hand to hold–

your smile to celebrate,

your laughter to buoy me,


i am in the midst of perfection–

this sublime interaction–

defined by none but ourselves–

pioneering a new paradigm for humanity–

a different love,

one that does not involve possession or manipulation

one that exists independently of all else–

because its truth is undeniable.


it feeds a forest,

lends color to a sunset–

helps roots anchor and extend.

it whispers of devotion and understands

desire is but the smallest part

of a whole

that is larger than our own imagining

of infinity– stretching far past the place

our hearts and minds ever dreamed

they could travel.

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