the edges of myself

words, words, words

you are my careful muse

hanging two steps back

assessing the situation–

given time and patience–

a little water and sunshine

your petals are beginning to unfold,

i see their brilliant color– and

feel their explosive, opening energy.


you are my gentle muse

behind your calm, quiet eyes,

the hint of a grin

and enough will to

move an entire continent

or lasso the moon and

bring it tumbling down

to the ground.


you are my sleepy muse

the easy rise and fall–

calming in and out

the beauty in your naked form–

unguarded and vulnerable

the most powerful warrior

allowing ease to exude

knowing there is no battle here.


you are my quiet muse

your eyes speak volumes

and when you choose words

they are weighted and deliberate

with a force behind them that is

impossible to ignore– always

bringing me a sense that all

is right with the world.


you are my perfect muse.

the charming perfection

of your imperfections–

my counterpart– the rational

to my crazy– your solid, dependable

form constantly behind me

a support i know i can always lean into–

and will never take for granted.

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