the edges of myself

words, words, words

a long anticipated journey undertaken

awakening by the light of the moon–

careful preparations allowing for 

an easy slide from sleep to waking–

the sun whispering her hellos from

underneath the earth’s carpet

as our wheels begin to roll forward


an hour along and her golden 

rays are singing– opened fully and 

shedding her light– allowing the brilliant

azure of sky to accompany her 

melodious notes– while her shy sister

of the night lights a full and delicate beacon

across the daylight– daring those 

who are keenly aware to succumb 

to her mesmerizing glow.


mists floating off mountains of evergreen

swirling upwards into painted clouds

and down below the infinite stretch of highway

invites our easy glide.

the familiarity of the path– a homecoming– 

our ritual, the yearly dance– met by love

and the ease of our chosen family.


a tangle of days– overwhelming and full

asking time to slow– squeezing 

every last drop out of each beautiful instant–

savoring the simple moments– 

a baby’s kiss, playful conversations 

not reliant on words


tomorrow another journey begins anew

the first leg of our trip back home

the ties that bind us refreshed and renewed,

reminded, reminiscent, and realized–

stretching tangibly– outlining the space

that separates us– highlighting the truth

that we are always together

there is no distance or space capable 

of coming between the bonds of love.

4 thoughts on “our chosen family

  1. FlutePlayer says:

    Chosen family.

    1. mandycregan says:

      exactly. thanks for reading.

    1. mandycregan says:

      thank you so much.

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