the edges of myself

words, words, words

the magical ebb and flow of

me and you

a crushing ease– the mysterious

pain of realization–

an unintended understanding of the

bigness of our oneness.


a union which neither of us

could have possibly anticipated–

the journey of two separate

pieces, complete and continuously

forming and un-forming to become more.


moving together, pulling apart–

each time the ties that hold us strengthen,

their elasticity unfathomable– unbreakable.


this path that stretches infinitely long–

with a certainty i’ve never before grasped–

that we will walk along it together– undeniable


sometimes you’ll forge ahead

other times, run to catch up– our

configuration always changing, as grains of sand

move with the tide


but the constance of we

is not to be denied.


you can always reach out to me

in darkness or light–

i will be there to hold you.

and i know you will catch me

in shadow or bright

if i begin to fall.

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