the edges of myself

words, words, words

the unguarded pleasure of your unfettered love

granted in fits and spurts– boundaries

demolished and resurrected

in the span of a single breath–

shadows hovering and descending


this infinite perspective that has always been

patiently waiting

for my prying, stubborn eyes

and willful, unrelenting mind.


An existence within emotion–

dancing feelings, tidal waves of tumult,

diving into the deep perpetually–


my proximity to the shore.


Misinterpreting my relationship to the calm,

peaceful surrender– the haven of

perspective– an infinite clarity


simple steps away.


Basking in a warm, gentle glow–

lapping flames in my tended fire,

heating the hearth– the ease of

its simple, timeless beauty–

a dawning understanding;


that there is a space next to me

that you will always occupy–

timeless and formless,

a gentle, comforting presence

beyond the measure of sentiment

or words.

2 thoughts on “the space next to me

  1. Ken W. Simpson says:

    Beautifully composed.

    1. mandycregan says:

      thank you so much for reading, Ken.

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