the edges of myself

words, words, words

a simple narrative

unwilling to wind its way

from my head to hand

as i ruminate over the

lifetime in days counted

across this brief span of time


in which my

mind was willing to

release held constructs–

massive monuments to memory

carefully created and tended

through years, in quiet rooms

hidden in attics and basements

and open myself to you.


the gentle beauty in your

crooked smile and searching eyes–

a deeply held wisdom moving

through your hands– an

awareness of the infinite

bordered by buildings.


sinking deeply into the protection

offered by your careful arms–

i wind my way into and

around the small boy and

capable man housed within

the borders of your skin.


unable to discern the difference

between the two

knowing only that each of these

pieces serves a greater and

truly magnificent whole.

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