the edges of myself

words, words, words

I think it’s important I be up front about this now–

before we traverse this path any further and then

you look back at me incredulously and say–

“hey, you could’ve warned a brother,”–

so here’s your warning:

I am a fiery bitch.

Sure, I can be sweet and tender– and I’ve

tapped into loving in a way that few others

have yet to discern…

but at my core is fire– and it’s an emotional

journey to the center.

There is nothing easy-going or lackadaisical about me.

All of my nerve endings actually exist on my surface–

making me a big old ball of SENSITIVE– despite

my best efforts to act otherwise.

So– if you’re wondering if maybe my feelings have

gotten hurt– chances are– they have.  And

if you’re wondering if there’s anything you can do

about that– chances are– there’s not.  And

if you’re thinking that maybe I’m placing some sort of

blame upon you for said hurt feelings– chances are–

I’m not.  Because although I am undeniably, and

whole-heartedly a fiery bitch– I’m also fairly

self-actualized– And I realize that there’s

not a God damned thing you or anyone else

has done or can do to make me feel anything

other than the way that I feel.  I also tend to move

through things rather quickly, so by the time

you’re wondering all of those things above,

chances are I’m over it and I’ve moved

onto the next thing– like making dinner.

I just think it’s important that I

stop trying to make you believe that I am anyone other

than exactly who I am– which is a powerful, emotional,

loving, tender, silly, shy, ultimately fragile,



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