the edges of myself

words, words, words

because you asked and

you know I deliver–

a limerick for you, my

dear friend, whose

open-armed acceptance of

me as your third wheel is

heart-warmingly beautiful.


You, who serve as a shining

example that love and devotion

are tangible, actual– your love

for your wife palpable,

exuding from you in

purples and blues.


I don’t remember when

we first met– cannot call

to mind a time when you

were not absolutely

familiar to me.  Your easy,

amiable way, a gentle arm

around my shoulder– warm

smile and laughing eyes.

At ease in all situations.


You lend me faith

towards things I question,

help me to understand

that anything is possible

with trust and commitment.

You offer an intelligence

that is sensitive and keen.

And you play a mean game

of pinball.

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