the edges of myself

words, words, words

It’s your birthday today

a day to celebrate your

open-hearted kindness,

tumbling laughter

and giving smile.


I remember the day

I first understood the

madness of motherhood–

knew the intensity of

frustration and loss

of control.


And the day it hit

me– like a thousand

waves crashing against

the shore– the immensity

of my love for the tiny

new being cradled

in my arms– the immensity

of your love for me.


In these moments I’ve

understood you as I know

myself– from the inside

out– the one who

went before me– paved

the way– led by example.


Sometimes we make each

other crazy– opposite

sides of the same coin.

But my devotion to

you is timeless, unparalleled

and unquestioned.


You are my mom.

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