the edges of myself

words, words, words

i remembered you yesterday

the boy with a smile he couldn’t

hide– the childish innocence

running through the lines of your face.


like uncovering an old box of

records, full of songs you’d

forgotten existed– but to which

you know all the words.


i remembered falling softly with

you– into arms that seemed they’d

never fail– cushioned by hopes and

dreams as only children can imagine.


i remembered the me who fell with

you through doubt and uncertainty–

the travails of growing up, stepping out,

moving away– walking forward.


i remembered our love that sustained

me through those gentle years of youth–

so quickly eroded and worn away–

just as flowers die and rainbows fade.


but i remember them.  i know that they

existed– were not in vain, helped

bring us to this place we now occupy–

wholly separate, but always connected


by these two beautiful beings we created.

his overflowing heart directly

from his father– her flair for the

dramatic, a daily reminder,  that


there once was a pure and innocent

love that existed between us– packed

away now– but no longer forgotten.

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