the edges of myself

words, words, words

I’ve closed my heart before

locked it tightly– buried the

key beneath layers of

shoulds and coulds and woulds


I’ve watched myself walk away

treading carefully, moving backwards

longing for an explanation

some semblance of the truth


I’ve understood the sting

of rejection– internalized

its pointy edges, embracing

their lessons along with the pain


I’ve walked blindly through years

at a time telling myself

stories I knew were untrue

to support a growing construct


I’ve isolated myself out of

necessity– shouldering my

burdens and tumbling forward

with an unquestioned resolve


I’ve conceived of a love like

the one that I’m sensing– its

fluid lines and unguarded circles–

its quiet devotion– an unstated truth


I’ve opened my heart to you

like no other– without agenda

understanding that time exists

to live within each moment


I’ve uncovered a strength and

solidity I’d only heard whisper

before you entered and showed me

sometimes it’s okay to shout

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