the edges of myself

words, words, words

i will always keep you safe–

wrap you up in unending arms

carefully shield you from the

demons and monsters who prey

upon you in your mind.


i will shut the door and lock

it tight– closing out those

thoughts that leave you desperate

and clinging to a structure

that is yours to crumble.


i will carefully help to unfold

your layers– peeling back those pieces

of protection that are unnecessary

with me– allowing parts of you to breathe

for the first time in a long time…


i will step back– as far back

as you wish.  i will allow your

breath to flow– witness the

brilliance of your light– and move

towards you when i’m invited…


i will love you in whatever

capacity you will allow; honor

the deepest, clearest part of you

and continue to revel in your

dark and defining beauty.

2 thoughts on “on devotion

  1. yeoldefoole says:

    yes, although sometimes, it gets exhausting! 😉 a beautiful work here!

    1. mandycregan says:

      thank you, as always, for your comment. i suppose devotion can be exhausting, unless the object of one’s devotion is similarly devoted (as i’d like to believe is the case here). 😉

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