the edges of myself

words, words, words

i can say the same thing over and over again with new words– articulate the feelings,  ever expanding– and celebrate the joy that flows through and around my heart like hot springs, beginning internally and working their way out to the edges– creating a warmth, a safety, that cannot be duplicated.   i am vast, …

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my love for you flattens all constructs, replaces ideas, fragments the structures so clearly fixed.   it leaves me amongst the rubble and decay of beliefs and images held dearly since the beginning of time.   understanding as a caterpillar taking to her chrysalis, that with the death of certainty, comes the birth of flight.

If i could paint a picture of the moment when my heart first became yours– its edges would blur– the canvas never sufficient expression.   If a machine existed that measured the point of impact (when my soul first recognized yours) it would irrefutably prove the magnitude of a love– its fabric stretched across lifetimes. …

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