the edges of myself

words, words, words

yesterday i peeled away a layer one that had long concealed my vulnerability. Underneath that film– i found a need to prove myself. a deep and darkened shame, a tortured, broken structure that believed in itself to the point of actualization.   As i walked around the landscape of my deeply held beliefs, turned concrete, …

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the worlds i’ve moved through since meeting you– gratitude does not begin to cover the debt i feel i owe–   realizing the maximum of all that i am and understanding that i have yet barely scraped the surface.   knowing that as i rise– you rise with me–  our expansion exponential when walking together. …

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June 5, 2013

the perfection of

your beauty strikes me each time

i watch you awake.

the reason you’re different from everyone else is because your potential is constantly in the process of being realized.   there is an earnestness in your actions that takes me back to childhood; honeysuckle along a path of green and a strawberry patch that stretched the length of a summer sunset.   And it cannot be denied that …

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my smile, a long-lost friend who i hadn’t realized departed, slowly backed out the door years ago, almost imperceptively. she’s beginning to reemerge along with the rest of me. i see her reflected back at me in mirrors and photographs– recognizing the joy that flows from behind her– feeling safe enough to show herself. regaining …

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